Eliza [Tabor] to her husband

Scope and Content

From Malvern to Allahabad. Mentions children's presents. Hurt that Uncle Frank has sent no greetings to her or the children although presents and cards were sent to him. Has been very worried about her mother, but she is now much better. Working again on a novel, now mother is better, and it should be finished in Apr. Does not wish to go away this summer. Sad to hear of the death of George Eliot. Thinks she had more religious belief than generally supposed. Thomas a Kempis one of her favourite books. Bank shares now sold and money invested in several carefully chosen securities. Hopes to be able to leave the interest on these and her own money to accumulate to pay for children's education and afterwards for their own old age. Encouraging children to keep diaries, by paying them 10/- each for the year; wishes she had kept diary as a child.