Mary Catharine to Eliza [Tabor]

Scope and Content

From Florence to Malvern. Sympathises with troubles over the move. Agrees that grandfather's portrait should some time be cut out of the crayon group, but would not like rest to be burnt. Interested to see in gallery leading Uffizi Gallery portrait of Thebault, 1st Duke of Lorraine, very like their father, and same family likeness in his descendants. Wonders if 'Tabor'can be a corruption of this name and will try to find more about their history. Has moved to Casa Guidi for Browning associations; landlady knew Elizabeth Barrett Browning and very enthusiastic about her. Asked after the 'the little boy'. Hugh out a red flag as decoration for visit of King and Queen, but policeman ordered it to be taken down as Republican symbol; stitched a white St George's Cross on it and put it out again. Moving to Rome next week.