Eliza [Tabor] to Mary Tabor

Scope and Content

To her mother from Allahabad. The rains are a fortnight behind time and all they can think of is the heat. Describers the City School where the children are chiefly East Indians ort half castes; among them one sees 'the most hopeless cases of laziness and misery and depravity.'States the problem of the lower class Englishmen who have to marry natives or half castes as there ate no women of their own class, and they seem to think nothing of leaving them to be supported by the different Churches. She has been trying a little writing lately, but this hot weather has put a stop to it. At the Friday Scripture reading which the servants attend they are encouraged to say what they think. The bearer has asked fro a Bible though a Hindu. Habit of servants'rake off on purchases worries her. P.S. from John (husband) Rain set in at last 'Eliza has battled bravely...but such a season I hope she may never have to encounter again.'