Eliza [Tabor] to her husband

Scope and Content

From Malvern to India. Heard from Bursar at Marlborough that if Noel does well in preliminary examination, he may be eligible for one of the nominations not already taken up and left at the disposal of the Council. Also the nomination of a Sale, which was half promised to Noel, is still vacant and she has written to him again. John has accused her of violation of confidence in reading letters which have upset her so much, but they were included in parcel of letters from Lucy (John's first wife) which had been given her to read before, and she assumed she was meant to read them and discover in this way his real feelings towards her. Thinks they must have been deliberately placed in the packet, unknown to him, by his family in order to distress her. Feels it might be better for him to delay return to England until Mar, visiting Burmah, Palestine etc. on his way, to avoid coldest weather.