Eliza [Tabor] to her husband

Scope and Content

From Malvern to Allahabad. Noel is sending full account of their acting in 'Beauty and the Beast'. Beast so realistic that dog barked at him. Asks him to send another soapstone plate; one has been broken by a servant. Weather so cold that gas fires are kept burning all night in her bedroom and her mother's. Hopes to finish the book by the end of Mar. Does not think it would be a good idea to take children to hill station in India; not good for their health and make serious gap in Noel's education. Their life has been so unsettled up to now they would benefit very much from remaining in same house for a time. If she goes out, would leave them with her sister in Malvern with her mother. They could go to Alethea, but this might be too much for her, and much better for them to remain where they are.