Bond in £100

Scope and Content

(i) Mayor and citizens of Chester.

(ii) Richard Richardson of Chester goldsmith, mayor of the same city.

Reciting an order of the common court held 07 Apr last that £6000 should be raised by their corporation upon their paying annuities of £50; the £6000 has been advanced, and Richardson has paid the Treasurers of the city £150, in part of the £6000 and £50 part thereof in respect of the life of Thomas Richardson his youngest son.

Condition that (i) are to pay (ii) yearly sums of money in respect of the annuity.

Endorsement: memorandum of further security by conveyance of lands of the yearly value of £440 to Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eaton co. Chester and others for a term of 500 years.


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