Lease and Release

Scope and Content

(i) Thomas Leigh Page of Church Terrace, co. Middlesex esq., and James Kibblewhite of Grays Inn Place co. Middlesex esq. (trustees of the marriage settlement of George Townsend Forester esq.)

(ii) George Townsend Forester of Elinby Lodge co. Worcs.

(iii) William Woodcock of Mold, gent. (administrator de bonis non of Roger Wynne heretofore of Tower co. Flint gent. deceased, who was the trustee of a term of 500 years in the premises hereafter mentioned).

(iv) Daniel Rowland of Grays Inn Place gent. (trustee for George Townsend Forester for a term of 1000 years affecting the premises hereafter mentioned).

(v) John Davies of Mold sawyer and Richard Davies of the same sawyer.

(vi) Roger Roberts of Mold shopkeeper.

(iv) by the direction of (ii) release to (v) 7 messuages in Mold.

Consideration: £95 from (v) to (i).


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