Scope and Content

(i) Anne Davies of Wrexham co. Denbigh spinster.

(ii) Edward Jones of Herrsedd gent. and Thomas Jones of Argoed gent.

(iii) Hugh Lloyd of Mold M.A. vicar of Mold and those of the second part in D/KK/213 [Rev. Hugh Lloyd of Mold M.A. vicar of Mold, Robert Davies of Llancoch co. Denbigh esq., Thomas Eyton of Leeswood esq., George Wynn of Leeswood esq,. John Lloyd of Pentre Hobyn esq., Richard Lloyd of Hersedd esq., John Wynn of Tower esq., William Brock of Broncoed esq., Owen Coytmore of Plas On (Plesyn) [Plas Onn] gent., Edward Foulkes of Plas Isaf gent., and Piers Mathews of Leeswood gent].

(iv) Henry Bennett of Chester, merchant, and John Pemberton of the same, roper.

Reciting that the principle in D/KK/210 [Mortgage in £130.7s.6d.] was not paid, and that John Leach has since become bankrupt; that Leach had for five years carried on the trade of vintner from his house in Watergate Street ,Chester and owed debts of £200 to (iv) and others; that on 16 May 1724 the commissioners of bankruptcy assigned to (iv) the promises in (i), in trust; that on 23/24 June last (iv) leased and released the premises to (iii) and that there is now due to (i) under the mortgage £146.10s.0d. (i) now assigns the premises to (ii) in trust for (iii).

Consideration: £146.10s.0d.


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