Marriage Settlement (& Counterpart)

Scope and Content


(1) Arthur Jones & Sarah Jones, his wife

(2) John Smith & Thomas Smith, citizens

& salters of London

(3) Henry Jones, son of Arthur, & Sarah

Smith, younger daughter of James

Smith of London Esq., decd.

Property: Manor of Chastleton & court

leet, & lands called the Cheife Meadow,

Winshill, the Hogg Ground, the Sands,

Ryfum, the Hill Peece, the Splotts, a

messuage & grounds called Phipps,

messuage & grounds occupied by William

Greene, Skeyes farm, messuage & farm

occupied by John Smith & William Neale,

messuage & farm occupied by Daniell

Haynes, John Haynes & Edmund Vade, and a

grove of woodland; also jointure of £100

annuity & rent of £250.

Consideration: £2000.

Comments: party (1) agrees with (2) to

levy a fine for the use of (3) after

their marriage.