Letters of Attorney to Take Possession of Estates

Scope and Content


(1) George Catesby, son & heir of

William Catesby, Esq.

(2) John Salbrugge, Thomas Forster,

Thomas Brokes, William Hynkley

(3) Robert Smyth & John Surman, clerks

Property: Manors of Ashby Lygear &

Yelvertoft (Northants.), Lapworth,

Kyngeswood, Busherwood, Bromeslands,

Henley, Beledesert, Conworth &

Wellisburne (Warwicks.), Willicote &

Aliscote (Gloucs.), Wapsley, Bremorton,

Hill & More (Worcs.), and Walcote,

Ipewell and Chastleton (Oxon), all of

which belonged to William Catesby.

Comments: party (1) appoints (2) to

convey to (3).

Geographical Names