Attested Copy Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content


(1) Ellen Fothergill, executor of her

husband Thomas, & Thomas Fothergill,

aged 8, her only child

(2) Ellen Biggs of Chastleton, widow,

mother of Ellen Fothergill

(3) James Hallifax of St.Andrew's

Holborn, D.D.

(4) Marshe Dickinson

(5) Robert Palmer

(6) Thomas Hallifax of London, banker

Property: Messuage & lands at Chastleton

messuage & lands in Millford Adcott &

Littleness (Salop), two messauges &

lands in Great Hanwood (Salop), messuage

& lands in Alderbury (Salop) & premises

in Church Stoke & Llandrisilio

(Montgomery); also premises as detailed

in document E24/1/3D/24.

Consideration: marriage of parties (1)a

& (3); annuity of £200 to E.F. until

T.F. is 21 years old, £300 for herself

from the estate in Oxon, after the

decease of E.B., her mother.