Licence to Alienate

Scope and Content


(1) Edmund Ansley, Esq.

(2) George Greenwood, gent.

Property: Messuage or Mansion House in

Chastleton, with lands called Grove

closes, le Moore Furlong, part of

Chastleton Cheefe Meadow, le Moores,

Moore Croft, Moore Hill, Baunsladd,

Brookend Heath, Ansleys Heath; also a

messuage in Brookend, closes called le

Close next Widdows, le Brooke Close,

Keightborrows Close, le Greate Close,

Halls Close, meadow called Almscott or

Armscott, & closes called Keitborrows

Leyes, Keightborrowes Lanndes, Broad

Heads & Wide Furrows (acreages given).

Consideration: 40s..