Marriage Settlement re Life Insurance Policies, Annuities & Principal Sums

Scope and Content


(1) John Harris of Sutton Bonnington,

Notts., Esq.

(2) Jennetta Whitmore Jones of

Chastleton House, spinster

(3) Revd Henry Harris of Winterbourne

Bassett, Wilts., clerk, & Walter

Whitmore Jones of Chastleton House

re intended marriage of parties (1) &

(2): annuity of £80 due to (2) under

will of William Wolrych Whitmore,

principal sums of £200 & £400, & yearly

sum of £46 or £12 12s. re Dudmaston

Estate (Salop).

Comments: endorsement re appointment of

17 Feb.1874 of Revd. Charles Alan

Dickins as trustee.