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Inspeximus of two charters of confirmation granted by Richard I to Thornton Abbey (3 July 1190 and undated). Relating to towns, churches, tithes and lands in Thornton, Brunne, Grossebiam, Adolfbia, Ulseby, Frothengham, Amstam, Heccam, Randa, Barowe, Helewell, Hedon, Mapelton, Kilnese, Cuningeston, Humbleton, Aclum, Flinton, Waxham, Garton, Wythornwyk, Dodington, Byfort, Levint(on?), Jarum, Scelton, Sceftlinge, Halsham, Erneburghburton, Preston, Neweton, Austwyc, Staynton, Linbergia, Utwarc, Lincoln, Killingholm, Halton, Faxflete, Swyneflete, Middleton, Broclousbia, Beverley, Haskelthorp, Metringham, Carleton, York, Upton, Wythena, Welleton, Wyvee, Suthkeleseye, Caburnia, Goseford, Stalingburgh, Ulfrikebia, Witton, Thorn, Barton, Alkbarwa, Suthburton near Beverley, Utware, Audeneby, Bernetteby, Nuttele, Normanby, Clakesby, Esington, Wythornese, Pagula, Tunstall, Scirlaghe, etc. Crossing of River Humber at Paglam and Twygreyn, and at Barton

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Part of an original bundle, U DHO/13/1-124. As U DHO/12/25.