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Licence to the Abbey of St. Martin of Aumarle in France to convey to Kirkstall Abbey. Manor or priory of Birstall; lands in Birstall, Skoftlyng, Kilnesse, Wythornse, Holmeton, Thorn, Rymmeswell, Waxham, Frothyngham, Holem, Aldeburgh, Thorp, Estneweton, Ryngburgh, Bewyk, Carleton, Eddirdwyk, Coldon, Pawele, Merflete, Holme, Thorngumbald, Camryngton, Skekelyng, Ryhill, Bondbrystwyk and Rogemond; advowsons of the churches of Birstall, Paul, Skekelyng, Kilnesse, Wythornse, Outthorne and Aldeburgh, and of the chapels of Merflete, Thorngumbald, Holem, Rymmeswell, Frothyngham, Newesom, Coldon, and Waxham

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Part of an original bundle, U DHO/13/1-124