Scope and Content

These diaries record Margaret Pilkington's appointments, as well as containing some accounts of events and opinions. Dates of concerts and lectures are well represented as are events put on by the various organizations and societies with which she was connected. Detailed accounts of many trips are provided, as well as accounts of visits by friends and family. Dates of the deaths of friends and family are also noted.

In this catalogue no detail is given where the diary consists almost entirely of appointments, but attention is drawn to events upon which Margaret Pilkington elaborated. The diaries for the 1940s and the first half of the 1950s contain almost exclusively appointments. Many of the diaries also contain inserted or attached items, including many membership cards

Diaries PIL/1/2/11-PIL/1/2/46 are official Corporation / City of Manchester diaries. PIL/1/2/11-PIL/1/2/20 and PIL/1/2/26-PIL/1/2/46, with the exception of PIL/1/2/42, include the Corporation / City of Manchester manual, which has information about the composition and workings of Manchester City Council.


The items are arranged in chronological order. The diary for 1934 (PIL/1/2/1/10) also includes entries for 1963.

Diaries solely recording visits abroad can be found in PIL/1/3/1, including diaries for 1908 (PIL/1/3/1/1) and 1948 (PIL/1/3/1/5) which were originally kept with this series.