Documents relating to UNITA

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'Angola - Seventh Year', 1968, UNITA Central Committee Open letter from UNITA to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Congo, 2pp, 30 May 1969

UNITA Military Communique from the battle front in Angola, 25 Dec 1969, 2pp

UNITA 'Exposing the lies of Basil Davidson about Angola', Jan 1971, 3pp

'Material, medical, financial support', 1969, 3pp

Letter from UNITA to Kees Maxey, 20 Jul 1970, 1p

UNITA Press statement on the Rome Conference, 22 Jun 1970, 3pp

Report of a visit to Angola by Mike Marshement, Autumn 1969, 2pp

UNITA statement on the present military crisis in Portugal and Angola, 25 Mar 1974, 2pp

'The War in Angola', 2pp, reproduced from 'Times of Zambia', Sep 1969

'Kwacha - Angola', UNITA Information Bulletin, 1973

'Kwacha - Angola', UNITA Information Bulletin, Special edition, 1972

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