Garden plan for John Coley

Scope and Content

Pencil on paper

Plan shows [house], swimming pool court, dotted lines for future tennis court, lavender garden, Japanese garden, swimming pool, kitchen garden, and formal and informal areas. Beds are annotated with planting layouts and plant names including Latin and common names and named varieties

Pencil inscription at upper left edge, ‘John Coley Esq’

Pencil inscription at lower right edge, ‘Office copy II. Scale 1/12” = 1 foot. 24.1.72. Drawing No C27/103. PSC 27.1.72. PSC 28.1.72’ and ‘PSC 28.3.72’

Pencil annotation at upper right edge comprises list of named varieties of lilac

Pencil inscription at right edge comprises list of client’s requirements: ‘Vegetable garden, herb garden or corner, arch-cum-arbour with creeper, minimum herbaceous, room for future tennis court’

Pencil annotation on reverse, ‘John Coley Esq’, and in pen, ‘Planting plans’

Dimensions: 121 (w) x 60.5 (h) cm

Fair condition; some creasing and smudging