Miscellaneous Correspondence

Scope and Content

DCA/11 is described as covering Miscellaneous Correspondence. In fact a large number of the files contain correspondence between individual staff members and their personal contacts. The rest originally related to public responses to the Design Centre, whether enquiring, complimentary or critical.

Of the files that remain, 9 relate explicitly to Paul Reilly"s personal correspondence. A further two initiative-based files also derive from Reilly"s involvement. Gordon Russell and Anthony Armstrong-Jones each have a file. Of the group relating to responses to the Design Centre, only two files survive: one on Awards made to the Council, and another detailing complaints about retailers and stockists of items shown at the Centre. This last was opened by the Exhibits Progress Section.


The surviving files have been retained in their original numeric order as allocated by the Council"s Registry. This means that records in a series do not necessarily have consecutive file numbers, and may not be located together.

Archivist's Note

Record created by Lesley Whitworth, with minor edits by Sue Breakell, August 2010.


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