Various ship board parties and other staff

Scope and Content

Original file labelled misc. ship board parties / staff.

  • 30 photographs from various events taking place on board ships and of various visitors to Ben Line offices and ships, mostly unlabelled;
  • montage on paper of cut out photographs of peoples heads, some recognisably Ben Line people, 1980;
  • contact sheet with 9 photographs of 2 individuals in suits sitting at a desk;
  • photograph of R. A. Ramsay, 1975;
  • photograph of T. G. Wilken, Hong Kong;
  • photograph of David Beck, 1985;
  • photograph of Ian Moyes;
  • photograph of C. M. Brightman, Hong Kong;
  • photograph of Henry Chin, Hong Kong;
  • photograph of Roger Miall and attached press release regarding his becomming Marketing Director of Ben Line, 1984;
  • caption for a photograph of 4 Ben Line Japan staff visiting a container terminal in Southampton, 1971;
  • colour transparency of containership Benavon with "Houston Oil" written on it.