Records of the Museum Commissioners

Scope and Content

Records of the Museum commissioners who oversaw the Museum and its collections from the period of the dissolution of the Natural History Society in early 1868 to the final legal (and physical) transfer of the Museum collections and other assets to Owens College in 1872. The commissioners were James Prescott Joule, Arthur Latham, Thomas Nevill, Joseph Sidebotham, with Thomas Ashton, J G Greenwood, Alfred Neild and Murray Gladstone representing Owens College. The solicitor and MNHS member R. D. Darbishire was secretary, and he undertook most of the Commission's work. Includes the minutes of the Commissioners, R D Darbishire's letter book, as well as legal and administrative documents relating to the sale and disbursement of Society's assets.

Former reference: GB3 and GB7.