Holograph poetry manuscripts

Scope and Content

Drafts of individually titled poems in John Heath-Stubbs's own hand. This bundle consists of the following complete poems:

  • /1 'As the Crab Goes Forward (An Allusion to John Lydgate)'
  • /2 'Birthday Poem for Kathleen Raine'
  • /3 'A Double Dream'
  • /4 'For the Funeral of Sylvia Gough'
  • /5 'For Vernon Watkins 1906-1967'
  • /6 'The Girls of Alexandria'
  • /7 'His Excellency's Poetry'
  • /8 'Hunger'
  • /9 'In Return for the Gift of a Pomander'
  • /10 'Letter to Peter Avery'
  • /11 'Medea and Absyrtus'
  • /12 'Nature Red in Tooth and Claw'
  • /13 'Purkis' This has been written by John Heath-Stubbs over a poem in a different hand titled 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. On this manuscript the title is given as 'Perkiss'
  • /14 'Squirling'
  • /15 'To Get Rid of Moles'

This bundle also includes fragments and untitled poems with opening words as follows:

  • /16 "I listened long to evening's distant CHIME..."
  • /17 "A Saint John..."
  • /18 "No longer silent, and no longer solitary..."
  • /19 "And there were caves but now I saw..."
  • /20 "Of her pen music..."
  • /21 "They call you the great leveller..."
  • /22 "His Cambridge friends..."
  • /23 "How Cambridge dons still seek to rectify..."


Arranged alphabetically by title, with incomplete or unidentifiable manuscripts added at the end of the series.