Typescripts of dramatic verse

Scope and Content

These typescripts are as follows:

  • /1 'The Beryl-Stone', adapted from Rose Mary by D.G. Rossetti; with covering letter from John Heath-Stubbs to "Cyril" dated 1966. Possibly unpublished; with annotations.
  • /2 Two different versions of 'Bridal Unicorns: An Opera in Two Acts', words by John Heath-Stubbs; with annotations. These are drafts of The Unicorns, an opera libretto written by Heath-Stubbs for the composer Peter Dickinson but which was never staged (see the Dickinson correspondence file at JHS/1/1/30). The material comprises: a ribbon typescript of the piece with handwritten amendments; and a carbon typescript of a later version of the text, incorporating the changes marked on the earlier version but also including some new annotations.