Manuscript poems in other hands

Scope and Content

Draft poems in hands other than John Heath-Stubbs's own. Most of these poems appear to be by Heath-Stubbs himself and were presumably written out by an amanuensis as many of them are in the same hand. However, a number of manuscripts cannot be identified by the handwriting or by cross referencing with his Collected Poems, therefore it is not clear whether all of these poems are by Heath-Stubbs.

This bundle consists of the following poems:

  • /1 'And then the Poetess'
  • /2 'Belshazzar's Feast'
  • /3 'Casta Diva (In Memory of Maria Castas)'
  • /4 'Cockroaches, or Kismet'
  • /5 'A Crow in Bayswater' dated 30 July 1976
  • /6 'The Curlew'
  • /7 'Eat the Vampire'
  • /8 'For a Carol Service'
  • /9 'Funeral Music for Charles Wrey Gardiner'
  • /10 'Greenfinch'
  • /11 'The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage'
  • /12 'Notes Towards a Palinode (For Séan Hutton)'
  • /13 'Queen Gruach (for John Wain)'
  • /14 'St Francis Preaches to the Computers'
  • /15 'The Septmaine'
  • /16 'Square Pineapples'
  • /17 'Tamara'
  • /18 'With the Gift of a Shell (for Guthrie Mackie)'
  • /19 Untitled poem beginning "To the still point of the moon..." [a draft of Bernard Saint's poem 'The Ascent', dedicated to Thomas Blackburn; it appeared in his collection Testament of the Compass (1978)].
  • /20 Fragment labelled 'Insert' beginning "Aristotle opined, indeed..."
  • /21 Page of notes on poetry and language


Arranged alphabetically by title of poem with miscellaneous items at the end of the list.