1 Oct 1941

Scope and Content

On receiving her letter from July, their visit to Aleppo and travelling through a country that had only just stopped fighting, her liking of Jerusalem, Roger's lab work, pictures of the Arab Legion from the Picture Post, the possibility of her coming back one day, efforts to liberate Susie [Altounyan], the Lanehead crowd departing and the house being at peace again, harvesting fruits, lack of oranges and bananas, produce from the garden, [Janet] being well and her friendship with Arthur [Ransome], visitors, tea parties, correspondence about Aunt Anne who is lingering in a Bournemouth nursing home, Kammie getting senile, trying not to mind Kammie being there, a letter from Kate including Ethel and her lawyer's visit to serve a writ of divorce, feeling she is wasting her substance, not having seen Ursula for weeks, and news of Ursula's family.