12-26 Jan 1944

Scope and Content

On the war, sending photographs, Christmas, Titty's arrival brining news and lemons, the weather, hanging her picture of Jerusalem in the snow, Christmas presents, [Janet]s coming home, [Janet]'s education but her having no taste, Budden [Janet's professor], [Janet] having two girlfriends but passing the men coolly and the men not bothering her, [Janet] making a model aircraft carrier for her new friend, receiving her letter, food rationing [in Jerusalem], Ernest's illness, onions and the onion growing act, growing produce, Miss Villiers' death, deaths of other people including Mrs Healis [Beatrix Potter], visiting Kammie who is failing fast, Titty saying [Dora] was pleased when her letters came, making Teresa a cardigan for Christmas, Kate looking for work, having some outside help, an old lady trying to find out information about people at Coniston, 'old dears' staying at the Sun Hotel.