15 Jan 1911

Scope and Content

On opening Dora's letter from Emmy just to get her address, Dora's previous letter about a champagne tea, coming back and finding no one there, having the Kids [Robin and Ursula] back, Ursula standing her exam strain well, Ursula and Robin having headaches and temperatures, Ursula being upset about her future, Ursula thinking of taking up a situation after Easter, Gershom and Dorrie thinking Ursula she take a position abroad, Ursula deciding to go to evening classes at the college, Dr Inglis being kind to Ursula, Dr Inglis coming for tea, Miss Raynor's skiing injury, visiting 'The Old Reeve', Miss Faithful being very unwell and only living a few months but it being kept a secret from her, Dorrie wanting to be told if she is in that position, a plan for a school, and news of their leaving.