22 Jan 1911

Scope and Content

On Ernest [Altounyan] arriving yesterday and leaving today, him being a very fierce young man, Ernest being on the verge of becoming a fisherman in Devonshire rather than a doctor in Aleppo, Gershom talking to Ernest like a father, Dr Inglis having come for tea and bringing photographs of Switzerland, Effie coming for tea too, college people being dreadful gossips, bills for Christmas cards, Robin having hurt his knew, Ursula's friends being against her being a nursery governess, and Miss Rathbone advising Ursula to do a course of nursing before becoming a doctor because most successful women doctors do this, belief that it is better for a girl not to qualify too young, Ursula writing to hospitals, Ursula having a little holiday with Emily, the O.T.C. [Officer Training Corps?] ball, Mrs Pearson giving an unsuccessful concert, a message for Kammie, enclosing a cutting about the Exhibition she and Gershom went to and how Gershom was pleased with Dora and Barbara's paintings, shops being full of sales, and expecting to miss the Chorale and other things in Reading,