21 May 1941

Scope and Content

On an obstruction in the post giving way and her letters pouring in, Barbara's letters reaching Dora, Robin's resignation and separation from Ethel, Ethel's situation, news of Bill [Collingwood] as an RAF pilot, their time in Jerusalem and Amman, news of Susie [Altounyan] and trying to contact her, having a long period of illness, hoping to get away to see Robin, Kammie's health but her hatred for them all, [Janet] returning to school after chickenpox, [Janet]'s sail boat being given by an old friend of Arthur [Ransome], Maris [another boat], Arthur and Genia [Ransome]'s temperament as neighbours, Janet starting a collection of cats' whiskers, and seeing too much of Syria in the news. Arthur [Ransome]'s new book, [Arthur Ransome] as an extraordinary example of creativeness harnessed to timidity, Lanehead's inhabitants, evacuees, demand for accommodation, and Coniston residents.