Accounts of Poor Rates and Disbursements, and Receipts, 1767-1771.

Scope and Content

At fols. 1 & 85v are accounts of Norwood

Walker, painter and seller of prints,

c.1755-1757, most of them arranged under

the names of members of the University

who dealt with Walker.

At fol. 60 is a bill for legal costs

incurred in recovering money received by

Walker as collector for the window tax

of 1755, dated 13 Feb 1758, and the

constable's receipt for payment for

`attending ... on the Siezure of Mr. N.

Walker's Effects', 22 Feb 1758.

On fol. 60v are accounts of Walker's

assets and debts, Feb-Mar 1758.

See too PAR209/17/F1/1 for more

accounts of Norbert Walker.