Letters Received: A-H

Scope and Content

1. Martin Amis, autograph fax (1 November 1996): 'writing a piece about Crash, book + film, and wanted a couple of minutes to talk about the novel's reception in 1973'.

2. Martin [Bax], autograph postcard (franked Norfolk, Connecticut, 8 December 1971). Upper portion of message faded, referring to the postcard image of the Expressway Complex, Detroit, Michigan.

3. Steven Berkoff, signed typescript letter (25 November 1996), comprising a tongue-in-cheek poem in three rhyming stanzas, with the comment: 'please accept this trivial token as a sincere thanks for the mention' (in the Sunday Times).

4. Tim Brown, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (by fax, 25 November 1996), confirming arrangements for 'in conversation' with Chris Ridley, at ICA Cinema, 6 December. Also refers to a radio programme in preparation 'on never-made films in Britain', requesting a brief interview.

5. David Cronenberg, autograph postcard with envelope (15 November 1996). Birthday wishes from 'Carolyn & David'. The image reproduced on the card is 'Gabrielle d'Estrées and one of her Sisters' (School of Fontainebleau, late 16th century).

6. Tacita Dean. Three autograph letters:

  • 28 November 2007: refers to the earthwork sculpture 'Spiral Jetty' (1970, by Robert Smithson, Great Salt Lake, Utah), to Ballard's story 'The Voices of Time', and to a related film project;
  • 27 February 2008: refers to Ballard, Miracles of Life, and to an invitation to produce a work for the Shanghai Biennale: 'to make "a sound piece" for the old English club (now Shanghai Art Museum) by the old racetrack' (although Dean expresses doubt about accepting 'the challenge');
  • 2 February (year not indicated): supplying Ballard with a copy of a fax Dean received from Utah Arts Council at an earlier date (1997) providing directions to Smithson's 'Spiral Jetty'.

7. Mark Dery, typescript fax (9 May 2007), and a single sheet from a subsequent fax (25 May 2007) containing three discursive interview questions. The first fax is a request to interview Ballard by fax. Of additional interest: the three sheets on which the two faxes are printed are, on the verso, discarded sheets from a typescript draft of Kingdom Come (pp. 340, 350, 351, each showing minor revisions in red pen and/or 'Tipex' ).

8. David Glass, Mission Viejo, California, typescript letter (31 December 2004). Refers to his work with 'abused and battered children around the world', requesting comment on his Ballard-inspired allegorical autobiography (enclosed on CD but not present in the file).

9. John Gray, three communications:

  • 25 September 2005, a fax to agree a date for lunch;
  • 6 October 2005, agreeing to meet again 'when you've finished your new novel';
  • 12 June 2006, a brief autograph covering note, supplying 'my later book'.

The two faxes from Gray are printed on two discarded typescript pages (pp. 72, 77) from Super-Cannes.

10. Claire L Hallaways, Shepperton, autograph letter (25 February 2008, with envelope). A personal letter with sympathy for Ballard's illness.

11. James Hamilton-Paterson (Camaiore, Italy, 13 June 2004), with reference to a letter from Ballard to Ian Thompson (comments quoted in Thompson's Guardian profile of Hamilton-Paterson), and thanking Ballard for his generosity.

12. Marjorie Heath, Norfolk, typescript letter (22 August, 1997), prompted by 'Your Observer piece on death and murder as entertainment'.

13. Mike Hodges, Dorset, postcard (28 January [c 2000]), referring briefly to several Hodges films: 'In June I hope to start another feature "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" - an appropriate title?'

14. Vernon [Hopkins], Swansea (6 March [c 2008]), concerned at being unable to reach Ballard by telephone: 'perhaps you are staying with your family or partner for a while?' (Hopkins was a Shepperton neighbour. With Ballard's encouragement, Hopkins began to write about his experiences in the 1960s as a member of The Squires, the backing group for the singer Tom Jones before he became a solo performer - for Ballard's blurb about the projected book, see Add MS 88938/2/2/1.)

15. Andrew Hunt and Dan Mitchell, fax (24 July 2007). Referring to a forthcoming exhibition ('Zodiac 3000: The Reach of Tomorrow') in Birmingham (November-December 2007) featuring art works responding to Ballard's work - seeking permission and requesting text for the exhibition catalogue. The two-page fax is printed on discarded typescript pages (pp. 329, 330) from Kingdom Come.

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