The Day of Creation (Autograph Manuscript): Chapters 1-6

Scope and Content

Chapters 1-6 in autograph draft. Most chapters have, in several places, interleaved numbered sheets which are usually smaller in size than the main sequence of numbered sheets and are designated (by the author) by a main sheet number followed by a letter, e.g. '2A' (and variants thereof).

Chapter 1. Numbered: 1-7. (Originally entitled 'Prologue' - hence numbering returns to '1' with chapter 2).

Chapter 2. Numbered: 1-2, 2A-B, 3-6, 6A-C.

Chapter 3. Numbered: 7-10, 10A-C, 11-12, 12A, 13, 13A-C, 14-17, 17A.

Chapter 4. Numbered: 22-23, 23A-B, 24, 24A, 25, 25A-B, 26-33.

Chapter 5. Numbered: 33-41, 41A-C, 42-47, 47A, 48-50, 50A, 51-52, 52A-B, 52B+C, 52BC1, 52D-E, 52EA, 52F, 52G, 52GA, 52GB, 52GC, 52H, 52HA, [53], 56-61.

Chapter 6. Numbered: 62-70 (chapter 6 concludes on sheet 71 in the next file).

Conditions Governing Access


Not Public Record(s)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Occasionally, staples have been left in situ in order to preserve the integrity of the text.