Interviews 2007

Scope and Content

Seven interviews:

1. 28 February 2007. Six answers supplied to Nathalie Proth, Éditions Denoël (1 sheet, signed, plus copy). With two faxes from Proth (6 and 28 February, 4 sheets) containing her questions. On the versos of the fax sheets are draft passages in typescript from Kingdom Come (numbered 37, 38, 56, 60, and 61).

2. 31 March 2007. Eight answers supplied to Robert Louit (2 sheets). With an undated fax from Louit supplying his questions (2 sheets), on the versos of which are two draft pages in typescript from Kingdom Come (numbered 406, 407).

3. 3 April 2007. Various answers supplied to Jeanette Baxter, interview as published in Baxter, J G Ballard: Contemporary Critical Perspectives (2008). 8 sheets, on the versos of which is a draft extract in typescript from Kingdom Come, numbered 396-403.

4. May 2007. Three faxes (autograph manuscript) from Ballard to Mark Dery, dated 11, 27 and 30 May. Three faxes (typescript) from Dery to Ballard, dated 25, 28 and 31 May. 14 sheets, 3 of which on their versos have draft material in typescript (numbered 338, 339 and 341) from Kingdom Come.

5. September 2007. Ballard to Ronaldo Bressane (6 September) supplying seven answers (1 sheet, signed). With fax from Bressane to Ballard (5 September) supplying questions (1 sheet).

6. September 2007. Ballard to Sergio Fanucci (24 September), supplying eleven answers (2 sheets, signed). With fax from Fanucci (19 September) supplying questions (2 sheets).

7. October 2007. Ballard to Philip [Dodd] (dated 2 October), supplying eleven answers concerning Eduardo Paolozzi, questions not given. Ballard's answers were faxed back to him by [Dodd] (7 October) with a covering message. 7 sheets in total (with the title of Dodd's cultural agency 'Made in China' as an identifying running heading on each sheet). On the versos of the sheets are unmarked proof pages from the supplementary 'P.S.' material published at the back of the Harper Perennial paperback editions of Ballard's novels.

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