Return to Shanghai

Scope and Content

Various colour photographs (and negatives) showing: J G Ballard's boyhood home (31 Amherst Avenue, Shanghai); the remains of Lunghua Internment Camp; and other Shanghai locations.

The photographs were occasioned by Ballard's return to Shanghai in 1991, filmed by the BBC as 'Shanghai Jim' (for 'Bookmark', 1991). The file also includes an annotated street map of Shanghai and four Shanghai buisness cards.

The material is arranged as follows:

1. Seventeen colour photographs (numbered 1-17, each 100 x 150mm, printed on Agfa paper). Fourteen photographs have identifying information on the verso in Ballard's hand. Four of the images include Ballard.

2. Seven colour photographs (numbered 18-24, each 100 x 150mm, printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper). No information on the verso, no images of Ballard.

3. Three colour photographs, Amherst Avenue (numbered 25-27, each 100 x 150mm, printed on Kodak paper).

4. Eight colour photographs (numbered 28-35, each 100 x 150mm, with a purplish colour cast), most annotated in Ballard's hand on the verso (e.g. the Bund, Railway Station, bank, hotel).

5. Three colour photographs of Lunghua Camp, including Lunghua Pagoda (numbered 36-38, each 90 x 125mm).

6. Sixty-two 35mm colour negatives in strips. Kodak Gold 100. Kodak 5095. The strips are arranged sequentially by frame number, but appear to derive from two rolls of film combined. They include many of the above photographs.

7. Twenty-one 35mm colour negatives in strips. Kodak Gold 200. Kodak 5096. Includes images from above.

8. A folded street map of Shanghai, with various locations annotated (including 'Lunghua').

9. Four local business cards.

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