Cocaine Nights (Autograph Manuscript): Chapters 1-3

Scope and Content

Chapters 1-3, ordered and numbered by the author. The text includes inserted sheets (such as 65A) that are usually smaller than the main text (which is A4). However, uniquely in this autograph manuscript, chapter 2 is written in its entirety on small sheets.

Title page: The title 'The Dark Side of the Sun' has been struck-through. Underneath is written 'Cocaine Nights'. This change of title to the manuscript must have been made subsequently, since the complete typescript (Add MS 88938/3/19/4) still bears the title 'The Dark Side of the Sun'.

Chapter 1: 1-10.

Chapter 2 (written entirely on small sheets): 10 (second sheet with this number), 11-36, 37A, 37-55, 55A, 56-62.

Chapter 3: [there is no sheet 63], 64-5, 65A, 66-8, 68A (includes 68B insert), 69-70, 70A, 71-84, 85A-C, 85-9, 89A, 90-3, 93A, 94-8, 99A, A99, 99B, 99-103.

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