Letters Received: M-P

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1. Pauline [Macaulay], London (3 March 2008, with envelope including a brief message on the verso), a letter prompted by Miracles of Life.

2. Michael Manser, postcard (24 September 1997, showing image of London Heathrow Hilton): 'I have to write to thank you for the superlative remarks you keep making in various important magazines & newspapers about the Heathrow Hilton'.

3. Brigid Marlin (without date), referring to a successful exhibition of 'surrealist/visionary paintings' and to a forthcoming exhibition (March 1999), requesting text from Ballard for the catalogue in exchange for an art work.

4. Dale McFarland, Frith Street Gallery, London (3 October 2006), enclosing a letter (2 October) from Bridget Smith in which she requests a text for her book of photographs of London clubs and societies (Society, 2007).

5. Malcolm McLaren (19 May 1998, signed typescript), referring to an enclosed item (not present in the file) in the New York Post: 'the English press have bombarded me over the past few days trying to persuade me to publish such a letter over here. At the moment for obvious reasons I can't and now it seems that Tina Brown will publish it in The New Yorker next week'. Also refers to 'the Dazed & Confused TV Special scheduled for production next month'.

6. Duncan Minshull, Readings Producer, BBC (11 February 2008), referring to radio transmisssion of a reading of Miracles of Life and enclosing a CD recording (present in the file).

7. Michael Moorcock, Bastrop, Texas. Two autograph letters (both without date, one with its original envelope franked 2008) enquiring after Ballard's health.

8. Helmut Newton:

  • Two postcards showing Newton photographs ('Locomotive' and 'Smoking Nude'), the former without message and the latter (Monte Carlo, 29 April 1997) expressing thanks for 'what you said in Art Forum' and the desire to 'do a project with you one of these days'.
  • A fax (29 May 1997) sent on Newton's behalf, asking if Ballard has safely received Newton's 'Illustrated No 4'.

9. Freda Paolozzi (Cambridge, 29 February 2008): 'Your recent book has meant a great deal to me [....] The description of Eduardo was particularly accurate [....]

10. Mark Polizzotti, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (New York, 4 February 1986), enclosing 25 photographs by Sam Tata of various street scenes taken in China at the time of the Red Army March (1949). Black and white, each image 110 x 70mm, with the following numbers in pencil on the verso: 78-588; 78-592; 78-595; 78-598; 78-599; 78-600; 78-601; 78-604; 78-606; 78-610; 78-613; 78-615; 78-616; 78-620; 78-626; 78-627; 78-632; 78-633; 78-634; 78-636; 78-637; 78-641; 78-643; 78-650; and 78-651.

11. David Pringle. Two letters:

  • 20 October 1993, referring to Pringle's record (not present) of Ballard's non-fiction writing, which served as the basis for the selection published as A User's Guide to the Millennium (1996): 'I've been looking at Kingsley Amis's book of miscellanea, The Amis Collection (1990), and I think it would serve as a good model'.
  • 4 June 2007, enclosing a book of essays (not present) on Ballard's work by Umberto Rossi.

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