Interviews 2005

Scope and Content

Eight interviews:

1. 29 January 2005. Eleven answers supplied to Jean-Claude Vantroyen of Le Soir (questions not given). 2 sheets, signed.

2. 9 February 2005. Eight answers supplied to Baptiste Liger (questions not given). 1 sheet, signed.

3. March 2005. Eleven answers supplied 11 March 2005 to Sandra Chaher (2 sheets, signed). With a brief covering letter from Sandra Chaher enclosing pages from Página (Buenos Aires, 25 March 2005) featuring the interview (text in Spanish).

4. April 2005. A fax (1 sheet, 13 April) from Nelly Kaprielian of Les Inrockuptibles requesting Ballard's thoughts about the work of Michel Houellebecq. With Ballard's faxed reply, 14 April (1 sheet, signed).

5. 25 May 2005. Twelve answers (questions not included) supplied to Luis Antonio Giron, Revista Época (2 sheets, signed).

6. 25 May 2005. Eleven answers supplied to Antonio Concalves Filho (2 sheets, signed). With two faxes (23 and 24 May, 2 sheets) from Filho containing his questions, on the versos of which are draft pages in typescript (numbered 195 and 199) from Millennium People.

7. 26 May 2005. Sixteen answers supplied to Alexandre Matias (2 sheets, signed). With two copies of a fax (25 May) from Matias containing his questions (4 sheets), on the versos of which are four draft pages in typescript from Millennium People, numbered 190, 192, 193 and 194.

8. 14 July 2005. Five answers (questions not included) supplied to Agnes Ortega (1 sheet, signed).

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