'The Critic'

Scope and Content

This file contains twelve photographs taken during the Guild's production in 1907. The subjects of the photographs are as follows:

1. R. Haydon and J. Cameron.

2. G. Hart.

3. T. Jelliffe.

4. T. Jelliffe.

5. R. Haydon and Hilda 'Phoebe' Pook.

6. A. Miller and May Dickinson.

7. A. Miller, G. Chettle and E.G. Stevenson.

8. A. Miller, G. Chettle and P.A. Mairet.

9. E.G. Stevenson.

10. The cast in Braithwaite garden, including: W. Moran, C. Downer, T. Jelliffe, Kate Haines, R. Hands, Miss Mayor, P.A. Mairet, A. Miller, May Dickinson, J. Cameron, Miss Pook, R. Haydon, E.G. Stevenson and G. Chettle.

11. The cast in Braithwaite garden.

12. A scene from the second performance at 37 Cheyne Walk, 17 Jun.1907, (including A. Miller, G. Chettle, G. Hart, Kate Haines, P. Mairet, W. Payne, C. Downer, E.G. Stevenson.