British Naval Expedition, meteorological observations

Scope and Content

  • MS 548/1;SL Log book HMS Erebus, 10 April to 30 November 1839 [Rough meteorological register, log and proceedings] 1 volume
  • MS 548/2/1-15;SL Rough meteorological register, HMS Erebus, 1 December 1839 to 31 August 1843 [Including log and proceedings] 15 volumes
  • MS 548/3;SL Daily observations, 1840-1841 [Abstracts from both HMS Erebus and HMS Terror] 1 volume
  • MS 548/4;SL Daily observations, September and October 1841 [Abstracts from HMS Erebus, observatory at St Martin's Cove, Hermite Isle (Cape Horn)] 1 volume
  • MS 548/5;SL Daily observations, 1840-1842 [HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, magnetometers and meteorological instruments] 1 volume
  • MS 548/6;SL Meteorological journal, Erebus, November 1840 to March 1843 [Abstract, not consecutive] 1 volume
  • MS 548/7;SL Actionmeter observations, HMS Erebus, 1839-1843 [Made onshore by officers] 1 volume
  • MS 548/8/1-2;SL Log and proceedings, HMS Erebus, 1 July 1841 to 7 July 1843 and 8 August to 23 September 1843, 2 volumes
  • MS 547/1-6;SL Log and proceedings HMS Terror, 20 May 1839 to 29 July 1843, 6 volumes
  • MS 547/7-9;SL Meteorological register, Terror, January 1841 to July 1843 [Covers January to December 1841, 1842 (May missing), January, February, April, June, July 1843] 28 volumes
  • MS 547/10/1;SL Meteorological observations HMS Terror, October 1840 to July 1843 [Uncorrected, including duplicate observations for December 1842 to July 1843] 1 volume
  • MS 547/10/2;SL Meteorological observations HMS Terror, October 1840 - July 1843 [Corrected with duplicate observations fro December 1842 to July 1843] 1 volume
  • MS 547/10/3;SL Meteorological observations HMS Terror, November 1839 to November 1842 [Uncorrected and corrected] 1 volume

Administrative / Biographical History

Around 60 volumes of meteorological observations were taken on board the two expedition ships, HMS Terror and HMS Erebus during the expedition.



Related Material

The Scott Polar Research Institute holds a number of photographs, film and other illustrative material in the Picture Library, some of which covers this expedition. The catalogue can be searched on line by going to the Picture Library Database and selecting the Enter Polar Pictures link.

The Institute holds several archival collections that contain material relating to this expedition, GB 015 Sir John Barrow, GB 015 Francis Crozier, GB 015 Sir John Herschel, GB 015 Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, From GB 015 Joseph Kay, GB 015 Sir James Clark Ross, GB 015 Ann Savours, GB 015 Alexander Smith, GB 015 Cornelius Sullivan and GB 015 Edward Adrian Wilson.