Scope and Content

Photograph composed of 53 named heads of early brethren: Salter, E. Denny, Sandford, [G.] Rochester, Bodman, [C. J.] Davis, S. Arthur, [C. A.] Coates, [R. F.] Kingscote, W. Clark, J. Davis, G. Hulbert, W. Underwood, E. Dennett, [H. M.] Hook, C. Stanley, Tunley, J. B. Stoney, Penson, Wilkinson, D. Dick, M. Saeed, Taylor, Bodnam, J. W. Smith, A. Mace, [W.] Johnson, E. T. Ward, A. P. Cecil, Collier, Peace, Moody, Coley, [J.] Tunley Jnr., [G. W.] Frazer, G. V. Wigram, J. N. Darby, Markham, C. H. Mackintosh, Ritchie, G. Cutting, Gaskin, Leaky, Boodle, A. Cutting, [J. E.] Batten, F. E. Raven, W. Moore, Page, T. H. Reynolds, F. Cavanagh, Huggins, Hawkins. Appended: note of [?photographer] regarding orders for cabinet photographs.

Black and white.

See also Napoleon Noel, The History of the Brethren (Colorado: W. F. Knapp, 1936), p.432; CBA/Ph7199, 7201-7202