Letter: from Louisa Octavia Hope to Emily Faithfull

Scope and Content

Dear Old Em, It was such a refreshment to see you & I will so like it again -sisters want it too - but remember you are only a drawing room sister to them - but to me one one I can speak to of His dealings with me, and there are hardly any I can do so too - My friends persistently will not believe the Doctors & so turn off all allusions to my [precious/precocious]condition - & I cannot pretend not to feel it an interesting and to me most important subject [page is has been stuck down here] the time & mode of His Coming -or may-be my going to Him. There is just one work for Him I shall try to do something in - Lady Nurses, for the [Lucane?] I can hear yet of us such nurses - and oh how they are wanted -you might help me to at least enquiries -and ____tilating the subject - Please leave time for my talking to you about it (you see I have to speak slowly) You might do no kind of good. It is ______ground at least amongst Protestants. Yrs [Aimie?]