Letter: from Sir William Harcourt to Mrs Davies

Scope and Content

Dear Mrs Davies. Now that the hot weather has at last arrived I am very anxious that [his son's name - Lulow?] should be carefully guarded against the heat Dr [Wat] (the best child's Dr I know) has taught me that the sun is a foul enemy of children especially of those of a nervous temperament and any ___ like a Coup de soleil is much to be feared. Of course I don't wish to interfere in any way with the [present?] arrangements of the school but I hope you will kindly take care that in the heat of the afternoon he shall not be exposed to the ____ rays of the sun which are now ___ so painful. ___ _____ _____ I should be vy glad if the play time could be arranged later with only a siesta after dinner- but that is for you. I fear I shall not get down to Entham till the 19th when I am due. W Harcourt. [written on pale blue paper which has the imprint of 'Devonshire Club St James's SW. embossed on it.]