Letter: from Lady Frances Balfour to Emily Faithfull

Scope and Content

Dearie, I know you will be pleased to hear a piece of good news about us. The Duke of Westminster has appointed Eustace surveyor of his London property. It was quite a surprise, we did not know the place was vacant, or that Westminster has any particular reason for knowing how acceptable such an appointment wd be - the salary is £500 a year, but the great thing is the fined work in his own profession, and work wh. will not prevent him doing any _____ practise wh may come in his way. Arthur is so delighted, when one has something of this sort to [see?] him, one is not much in doubt as to how closely his family's well being has to do with his happiness! I have seen him twice this last week, he is rather bothered with a cough left by the influenza but he is looking well, & weighs for the first time in his life eleven stone! While Gerald has fallen bellow ten. He is at Cambridge for this Sunday, Betty cd not go with him as she has her youngest sister staying with her - He is more cheerful about affairs just now, & his visit to Hatfield & having Arthur at hand have both done him good - Evelyn arrives Wednesday, Alice Tuesday - Arthur read me part of a long letter relating to County Council elections at East [Lothan?]. All satisfactory. I am low about my friend who has been slightly on the down hill again. I went to the Vicar yesterday in the deepest depression, & ___ of thoughts, I only did harm, but he sd 'go on', & I am writing waiting for him this afternoon. If only I cd get him when it is to __ truthful, & when out of it to realize how he has lied! The patience necessary, makes one in some small way realize what is the patience & the compassion of the divine love. Ever yr loving [FB]

Paper has '32 ADDISON ROAD, KENSINGTON, W' printed on it.