Letter: from Lady Derby to Emily Faithfull

Scope and Content

My dear Miss Faithfull, I have hesitated again & again to write. You cannot doubt that I must have felt very deeply for you all, & of poor Mr Renand's sorrow. I scarcely dare to write. Yet I believe that even he in his [engrossing?] desolation will have found peace & comfort - perhaps thankful that a character so pure & beautiful shd. be called to its Everlasting rest. It would be a satisfaction to me to know that there was no increase of suffering towards the End. I have heard nothing since your letter some weeks ago. Will you take an opportunity of expressing my sorrow & sympathy to Mr Renand. I do not like to intrude upon him by writing myself: [Lachville?] asks to be included in all say, he wd. have written sooner, had he not believed I shd. have done so. Her's was a character that one cd. not approach without love & admiration; for my own part I have never cared to think with gratitude of her kindness & tact in dealing with [Lachville?] - & with me - I that find _______moment of her leaving home. I will ask you to say all that is kind from me to [Mr/s?] Chittinder - believe that my heart has been & is with you all & that I am always near Miss Faithfull

Yrs. very sincerely [?] Derby.

Written at Holwood, Beckenham.