Letter: from Henry Sidgwick to Emily Faithfull

Scope and Content

My dear Miss Faithfull, It was very kind of you to write to me. I need hardly say that what you write about Nora is what I knew before: but it is not less pleasant to read for that. I entertain sad doubts whether a closer acquaintance with me will obtain your favourable opinion: but nevertheless hope that you will take every opportunity of coming to a conclusion. One comfort is that you cannot think me less deserving of her than I think myself: and perhaps if I make her happy - and it is impossible for me to imagine myself ever allowing her to suffer any slightest unhappiness from which I can shield her - you will overlook my other short comings. She will reach you nearly as soon as this letter. [I was on the point of being guilty of the impertinence of asking you to take good care of her for the next nine days: but I checked myself in time] Believe me always Yours most sincerely, Henry Sidgwick.

Paper has '4, Carlton Gardens, SW.' printed on it in black ink.