Assignment of Term of 500 Years in Trust.

Scope and Content


1) Anne Wilson, widow of Charles Wilson

of Stamford, Lincs, dec'd, William

Cumming of Great Barford, gent, Lyne

Councer of Bloxham, gent, (executors and

trustees of will of William Parsons,

gent, dec'd., of Nether Worton).

2) John Browne of Stocking Hall,

Rutland, esq and Robert Parsons of South

Newington, gents

3) Daniel Danvers of Nether Worton, esq.

4) Mary Wilson, only child and executrix

of will of Charles Wilson

5) John Toller of Lincoln's Inn, Middlx,



Inclosed lands in Nether Worton (field

names given); previous indenture and

trusts recited.

Consideration: 450 pounds and interest.


Property assigned to party 5. in trust

for 4..

Geographical Names