Committees, Divisons and Directorates

Administrative / Biographical History

The RHSC has had various committees, sub committees, working parties and ad hoc groups relating to internal management, clinical organisation and to staff. The Board minutes before 1974 include minutes of committees, sub committees etc. (see YH1/2).

RHSC staff also served on external committees that included paediatric staff from other Glasgow hospitals - eg the Paediatric Sub-Committee of the Area Medical Committee. RHSC staff were generally office bearers on these committees.

By 1989 Divisions (Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Anaesthesia and Diagnostic Services) had become the main framework for the organisation of medical work in the Yorkhill Sector of the GGHB. NHS Departments and University Departments could be incorporated into each Division. Some multi-disciplinary Departments, eg Out-Patients, Intensive Therapy and Theatres, had special organising committees that reported to the relevant Divisions and to the Medical Committee.

Each Division determined its own constitution and organisation, and each selected a chairman. Within the broad framework of agreed Divisional policy, the organisation of work in each Department was autonomous. Divisions also organised in-post training and instruction, along with Departments and the Medical Staff Association.

The corporate activity of the Divisions was co-ordinated by the Medical Committee, which was concerned primarily with patient care, and to a lesser extent with research and teaching.

Under Yorkhill NHS Trust the clinical work was organised into Clinical Boards, each of which had its own small team headed by the Clinical Director.

Committee and Division papers from 1974-1993 are being sought, but not all have been located. Series references have been allocated in anticipation that the records will be located. Minutes of committees and Clinical Boards are also in the minutes of Yorkhill NHS Trust Board 1993-2004 (see YHP1/3).

Fuller administrative histories of Committees and Divisions are in preparation.