Anatomical Lectures Vol. 3

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.1-565, writing is on both the recto and verso, and there is an index towards the rear. This is volume 3 of 3 and continues on from volume 2 with lectures 77-104, of which lectures 77-98 were given by Henry Cline Senior, lectures 99-100 & 102-104 by Henry Cline Junior and lecture 101 by Astley Cooper. There are however separate headings given for lectures 77, 79 & 80 which indicate they were subsequently given by Astley Cooper in the later series of lectures.

The contents are as follows: (77) on the diseases of the bones, (78) suppurations & abscesses, (79a) anchylosis [ankylosis], (79b) fractures of bones forming parts of joints, (80a) scrofula [tuberculosis] of the bones, (80b) diseases of the bones continued, (81) rickets, (82) hernia, (83-84) particular species of hernia, (85) on the sutures, (86) on the remaining sutures, operation for harelip [cleft lip], bronchotomy, and division of the stano-mastoideus muscle, (87) on fistula lachrymalis [lacrimal fistula] and diseases of the testicle, (88) on lithotomy and the formation of calculi, (89) on lithotomy and the operation for aneurysm, (90) on amputation, (91) small calculi, (92) retention of urine, (93) phimosis, (94-95) on injuries of the head, (96) polypus uteri, (97) on cataract, (98) on hydrocele, (99-100) comparative anatomy, (101) on reptiles, (102) on fowls or birds, (103) birds & fishes, (104) cetaceous fishes.

An appendix to the lectures containing additions can be found on ff.287-291 and ff.1-3 appear to have been added later and contain the second set of notes for lecture 77 given by Astley Cooper.

A note has been made by the author on one of the flyleaves and reads 'J Windsor, No.11 Great Maze Pond', which is the address of Guy's Hospital, London.