Hunter & Alcock Vol. 1

Scope and Content

The manuscript is indexed and foliated and contains 26 lectures in total. The writing is on the recto only throughout with the exception of the first 5 folios where there are additional notes on the history of anatomy on the verso. Each new lecture is clearly numbered but not dated, with the exception of the first lecture which is dated 20 April 1759.

The content of the lectures according to the index are as follows: an introductory discourse; on the fluids; the action of an artery; of the glands; of the nerves; of the muscles; of the actions of the muscles; of the marrow; of a cartilage; of the number of bones; of the bones of the skull; of the temporal bone; of the os sphenoides [sphenoid bone]; of the os lachrymalis [lacrimal bone]; of the os turbinatum [turbinates]; of the spine; of the trunk; of the os sacrum; of the lower extremity; of the clavicle; of the abdomen; of the testes; of the contents of the pelvis; of the crotophite muscle [temporal muscle]; of the os hyoides [hyoid bones]; of the muscles of the larynx.