Lectures on Surgery

Scope and Content

The front page bears the inscription 'Thomas Dixon Sep' 15 1784', and judging by the hand it is quite clear that Dixon was the creator of the manuscript, although nothing more is known about him. There is no extant information as to later ownership or when it became part of the Manchester Medical Society Library, and a suitable match cannot be found within their 1890 library catalogue. The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-631, the writing is on the recto and verso of each page throughout and an index is provided in the rear. Each lecture is clearly numbered, but not dated, and the notes begin on lecture 93 and finish on lecture 116.

The contents of the notes according to the index are as follows: teeth (anatomy of, diseases, and cure); wounded parts, method of treating by suture; lithotomy-stone (of searching, operation method of Celsius, of the greater apparatus, operation by Foubert etc., of the high operation, of the lateral operation); of the cataract (operation method to distinguish the propriety of, extracting the cataract, couching the cataract, cutting the iris etc.); eye inflammation from extraneous bodies; eye dropsy and cure; eye cancerous; eye extirpation from its socket; tunica adnata inflamed & consequences & cure; eyelid edge inverted & cure; specks upon cornea & cure; diseases of sebaceous ducts; shrinking of eyeball; eye weakness & remedy; fistula lachrymalis [lacrimal fistula]; incontinence of urine & remedy; suppression of urine & remedy; puncturing of bladder in male; puncturing of bladder in female; of the stone in women & operation for; caesarean operation; venereal disease-caution with respect to injection & remarks on buboes; prepuce infections of phimosis and paraphimosis; cancerous penis; complaints of the urethra; fistulous perineum; hydrocele or dropsical swelling; hydrocele of the scrotum with the palliative and radical methods of cure; scirrhous testicle & extirpation; fistula ani; natural passages shut or improperly directed; urethra in the male-affections of after delivery & wrong termination; hernia; operation for inguinal hernia etc.; hernia congenita; hernia crural; diffused anasarca [oedema]; various kinds of encysted dropsy; general causes and remedy of dropsy; operation for diffused dropsy; operation for dropsy in preternatural shut cysts; operations for ascites; hydrocephalus; paracentesis of the thorax; treatment of abscess; abscess filled with hydatids [echinococcosis]; atheromata [plaque, atherosclerotic] & meliceres [lymphangioma, cystic]; ganglion and manner of treatment; treatment of steatoma [epidermal cyst]; manner of treatment of sarcoma; scirrhous; mamma scirrhous [breast cancer, breast neoplasms]; persons apparently dead by drowning; operation for wry neck; bronchoceli or swelling of the thyroid gland; bronchotomy [tracheotomy] or cutting the trachea arteria; operation for the harelip [cleft lip]; instruments for opening the mouth; instruments for scarifying the throat; operation for too short a lingual frenum; rana, ranula bronchoceli or hydro glossum; incision of parotid duct and extirpation; substances sticking in the throat; constricted oesophagus; method of boring ears; affections of ears; haemorrhoidal tumours [neoplasms]; tumours of amygdala and uvula; polypi of vagina; tumours of pharynx, oesophagus and nose; cases requiring the trepan [trephining]; concussion of the cranium [skull] with and without depression; carious cranium; symptoms of depressed brain from concussion; issues; leeching; cupping; bloodletting; accidents attending bloodletting; thrombus; wounded artery and remedy, arteriotomy; inoculation; amputation; diseases of and remedy of metatarsal and metacarpal bones; inflammation & its termination, suppuration, mortification etc.; bandages and manner of application for the head, trunk, & extremities; hernia & luxations [dislocations]; prolapse of the uterus & of the bowels; luxations of the humerus, forearm, wrist, fingers, toes, ankle, knee, & thigh; bandaging of joints after luxation; fractures in general; treatment of clubfoot; dressing after amputation.